Exhibition marketing

From the  first  exhibitions   in the  great  cities of the 19th  century  till the  specialized branch – exhibitions  of the 21st, taking part in exhibitions  has proven to be  one of the best ways to promote sales and growth. The contemporary enterprise can benefit in many ways, if it has the proper partners and thus get the best results from participating.

EXPOSYSTEM is such a partner.
Relying on our experience and on a network of distinguished cooperators, our people plan with you, among others, the following:

  • space, position, functions and specifications of the stand

  • themes - messages - information into the exhibition - stand

  • supervisory material - printed, digital, of multimedia - for projection of messages

  • shows, presents, contests and other special events into the frame of the  exhibition 

  • projection - advertisement of the exhibition - presence in media

  • direct communication with common - targets , invitations

  • drawing up of the list of contacts  and  meetings

  • manning, supply and program of presence in the   stand

  • training of corporate staff at the exhibition - duties

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