Aspiring to respond to specialized exhibition needs, ΕXPOSYSTEM established a group of companies in which EXPOWORK and EXPOLIGHT have an important role. Both companies reside in Athens. The first provides services to exhibition organisers while the second undertakes the electrical installations in exhibitions of any scale.

Integrated exhibition and Congress systems.

EXPOWORK was founded in August 2003.  EXPOSYSTEM possesses now 100% of the share capital.
It is the official contractor of Metropolitan Expo, according to the international patterns of management of exhibition centers.
EXPOWORK is created to cover the gap in the sector of technical support for exhibitions and congress events. Employing people of high expertise, it has developed a highly flexible and perfectly organized model to provide technical services to both organizers and exhibitors.
Its registered office is in the Metropolitan Expo, at the International Airport of Athens “El. Venizelos” in Spata of Attica.

Technical provider of electrical services

EXPOLIGHT was founded in 2004. EXPOSYSTEM possesses now 100% of the share capital.
It is specialized exclusively in electrical installations and hiring of electrical equipment for exhibitions, congresses and events in Greece and abroad.
The staff consists of 18 experienced electricians, 3 supervisors and 1 technical director. The company is ready to undertake and accomplish even the most demanding project.
Its registered office is at Anthousa - Attika.

Exhibitions and Event Services

ARABEXPO was founded on January 2013 with EXPOSYSTEM participating in its share capital.
It is the official contractor of two top exhibition Organizers (Dmg & Reed Exhibition) and is active in the Arab Emirates, mainly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.
ARABEXPO can provide the most advanced and efficient services for our clients from Greece or abroad, in exhibition venues of this region.
It also offers solutions for outdoor/indoor events of every occasion: events, exhibitions, company’s presentation, receptions, retail units and much more.
Its registered offices are in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
For more information you may contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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