EXPOSYSTEM S.A., is founded in Thessaloniki. It is the evolution of the General Partnership Company under the name “Evangelos Galatsopoulos & Co”, which since 1983, has been distinguished in the exhibition field as the exclusive supplier of the standardized exhibition structures for TIF HELEXPO, the national exhibition institution of Greece.

INTEREXPO is founded as an affiliated company of TIF HELEXPO. EXPOSYSTEM participates in its share capital with 20%.

EXPOSYSTEM upgrades its position in the exhibition market of Athens and collaborates with MEC S.A., managing company of the Mediterranean Exhibition Center.
EXPOSYSTEM undertakes all exhibitions held at HELEXPO MAROUSSI, as well as large scale events held in other Exhibition Centers, such as the Tourism Panorama and the International Exhibition of Automobile & Motorcycle.

EXPOWORK S.A is founded. Its purpose is to provide a spectrum of technical services for the newly built Exhibition Centre ‘EXPOATHENS’ located in Anthousa - Attica. EXPOSYSTEM is the main shareholder, having 50% of the shares as well as the management of the company.
EXPOSYSTEM begins operating in Athens, opening a branch to roof all departments - sales - design – accounting - project implementation - supervising - storage facilities - in a space of 1.200sqm.
The new computerized communication program [ERP] operates.

The new system of Quality Management according to the International pattern ISO 9001:2000 is applied.
In application of a great investment program, an area of 6.000sqm is acquired in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.
The Public Limited Company EXPOLIGHT - the technical company of electrical installations- is founded. EXPOSYSTEM is its basic shareholder with a percentage of 50%, having the management as well.

The establishments in Thessaloniki are extended to newly acquired buildings, covering an area of 5.000sqm.

EXPOWORK undertakes to provide technical services for the newly build exhibition center, Metropolitan Expo, the largest, most modern and functional venue for exhibitions, conferences and events in Greece.

EXPOSYSTEM begins cooperation with ARABEXPO which supports the two largest exhibition organizers (Dmg & Reed Exhibition).

EXPOSYSTEM obtains complete ownership of EXPOWORK.

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