EXPOSYSTEM’s headquarters are situated in Sindos (Thessaloniki’s Industrial Area). The 10.000sqm building, houses the company’s administration, sales, design & creative, production-line, warehouse, implementation and accounts departments.

The company runs its operations in Southern Greece, through a fully equipped 1.200sqm branch, situated in Anthousa, Athens. The branch operates with its own design & creative, sales, accounts and project implementation departments and storage space for equipment.

There are organized Client Service Facilities equipped with fully trained administrative and technical staff in all the exhibition centers, with which EXPOSYSTEM has an active and long-lasting collaboration, as well as in the companies EXPOSYSTEM is a shareholder.
The company, also, maintains its own logistics, as the transport of exhibition building materials, equipment and graphics, is constant in Greece and abroad.

EXPOSYSTEM is certified with ISO9001:2008 for exhibition constructions.

As far as international affiliations are concerned, EXPOSYSTEM is an OCTANORM OSPI, by far the most innovative and safe modular exhibition system globally. This is why EXPOSYSTEM makes extensive use of the OCTANORM system being the number one installer in Greece.

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